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  1. Damon braces' innovative approach to orthodontics is more comfortable than conventional braces. Available in clear (invisible) or metal, our braces have been proven to treat faster and require fewer adjustments
  2. The Damon Clear Option. The Damon System is available in both metal and clear brackets. With Damon Clear, people may not even realize you're wearing braces. Unlike other clear braces with visible metal parts or elastic ties that can yellow during treatment, Damon Clear braces are virtually invisible
  3. ation of a comprehensive development effort involving several multi-site in vivo studies, third-party university research and extensive design tests. From the point of view of torque and rotation control, as well as bond reliability and patient comfort, Damon Clear 2 offers advantages over other aesthetic appliances.
  4. 7-7 U/L Damon Clear2 (U3-3), Damon Clear (U4&5/L3-3) & Damon Q Single Patient Kit: Std Tq, Snaplink & Ti Tubes 740-1409 Note: When bracket torque is not specified, standard torque brackets are used
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For more information on Dr. Chang's in-clinic, hands-on workshops, please visit http://iworkshop.beethoven.tw/ and register today! All cases were treated by. A láthatatlán kivehető fogszabályzó kapcsán: Clear Aligner fogszabályzó sínek. A Damon technika A Damon technika egy amerikai orvos, Dr. Dwight Damon által kifejlesztett rendszer, aminek a lényege a lágy biológiai erőkkel történő fogszabályozás With Damon Clear braces, each tooth is able to rotate and straighten without obstacle, which speeds up the entire orthodontic process! Traditional brackets, wires and elastic bands leave countless corners and spaces for bacteria to lodge themselves and flourish The biggest difference between Damon Clear braces and Invisalign is that Damon Clear braces are not removable and work 24 hours a day. Other clear braces like Invisalign, utilize elastomeric rings that are much harder to clean and can also lead to plaque buildup, bacterial collection, and gingival conditions

Damon Clear - invisible braces with high technology archwires are clinically proven to move teeth fast and comfortably for a truly extraordinary smile Az amerikai Ormco Damon Clear esztétikus önligírozó - lágy erőkkel dolgozó - fogszabályozó készülék. A tappancsok teljesen átlátszóak, szinte észrevehetetlenek. Ez csúcstechnológiás készülék ötvözi az esztétikumot, a gyorsabb, eredményesebb fogszabályozást és a kényelmesebb viseletet

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Damon Clear és Damon Q fogszabályozó, fogszabályozás Damon Clear és Damon Q fogszabályozó A fogszabályozás legújabb és legdinamikusabban fejlődő területe a Damon technika, amelynek lényege, hogy a fogszabályozó készülék a felépítésének köszönhetően sokkal lágyabb, fog-, és csontbarát biológiai erőkkel dolgozik Damon Q és Damon Clear fogszabályzó árak Az alábbi táblázatban elkészítettük a Damon Q és a Damon Clear fogszabályzó árak összehasonlítását, hogy segítsünk megbecsülni, milyen költségekkel jár a fogszabályozás - egy állcsonton - a budapesti klinikánkon The Damon Clear is a part of the Damon System. These braces are self-litigating, and they are an alternative to the different types of invisible and traditional braces. The Damon Clear braces are a tie-less system that allows teeth to move faster with less friction Damon Clear combines the clinically proven low-friction properties of passive self-ligation technology with the aesthetics that today's image-conscious patients demand. The result is a crystal-clear appliance that surpasses expectations in beauty and functionality. The passive self-ligating bracket whose beauty is more than skin deep Virtually invisible, Damon Clear has definite advantages over traditional braces and aligners. Damon Clear is part of the innovative Damon System, which combines fixed braces with high technology arch wires that are clinically proven to move teeth quickly and comfortably with truly spectacular results

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The Damon System is a revolutionary clear braces treatment that combines tieless brackets with high-tech wires to deliver a discreet appearance with results that go beyond straight teeth. Damon Clear has a unique design that allows less friction, more comfort and faster treatment time than traditional braces Damon Smile and Damon Clear are innovative technologies in orthodontics that combine tie-less brackets with high-tech archwires providing a comfortable, efficient fit for every patient. By combining the reliability of metal braces with state-of-the-art technology, these unique appliances offer patients a discreet treatment and an orthodontic. The clear way to the smile of your dreams! Damon Braces self-ligating braces are an innovation in the orthodontic world. The tie-less brackets combine with high-tech archwires to move teeth not only faster but more comfortably, too

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Damon Q. Damon Q. Damon Q is a major step forward in low-friction, passive self-ligation technology that delivers far more than straight teeth. Whether you are new to self-ligation or an experienced user, Damon Q provides fast, controlled tooth movement with extraordinary clinical results damon clear braces For patients that are looking for a more discreet look, we offer a clear alternative to the Damon System. Ceramic Damon system uses the same self-ligating friction-less system as Damon but with an aesthetic touch

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Damon Clear braces are tieless and the brackets are made of a tooth coloured material making them far less noticeable when compared with metal braces. More comfortable than traditional braces. Damon Clear minimises binding and pressure, allowing teeth to move more freely and easily into their correct position. Convenience to suit your lifestyle Damon® Clear™ - Here at Wees & Low Orthodontics, we are proud to offer our patients the Damon® System. We are dedicated to staying on top of the latest advances in dental (402) 330-320

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This is what you can expect to happen on the day you get your braces Damon clear braces are a modern new alternative orthodontic system used to straighten a patients teeth. The system consists of ceramic or metal braces and an arch wire, similar to those used in conventional braces, however the technology it employers is newer Patient of all ages can wear Damon braces and they offer metal and clear brackets. How long should I wear Damon Braces? Damon braces take six months to two years to straighten teeth. Is fitting Damon Braces painful? Fitting Damon braces is not painful. Patients will feel uncomfortable for a few days or a week till they get used to wearing Damon. Damon appliances are also available as cosmetic, tooth coloured brackets which are much less visible than the metal version - Damon Clear. These are available for the upper arch only, with metal Damon brackets usually placed on the lower arch

Clear aligner trays such as Invisalign or Invisalign Teen are even less noticeable. In fact, most people may not even notice you wearing them altogether! The Logistics: Effectiveness, Treatment Time, and Appointments. Both Damon metal braces and Damon clear braces are respectively effective, especially when it comes to advanced bite correction.

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