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How to Reduce the Size of Your WinSXS Folder on Windows 7 or 8

Cleanup the WinSxS Folder in Windows 7/8/10. In Windows 7 and Windows 8/10, there is a new folder under C:\Windows called WinSxS, which basically stores dll and component files. It also stores older versions of all dll and component files and can grow to be quite large. In addition to that, a lot of space is taken up by the backup folder, which. Welcome to Windows 7 Forums. Our forum is dedicated to helping you find support and solutions for any problems regarding your Windows 7 PC be it Dell, HP, Acer, Asus or a custom build. We also provide an extensive Windows 7 tutorial section that covers a wide range of tips and tricks WinSxS is a system folder in Windows. That's why it's located on the system partition. WinSxS stands for Windows Side by Side, which is a good description of the folder's purpose: different versions of files are stored together, side by side. The folder is also called the component store The Windows component store (C:\Windows\winsxs) directory is used during servicing operations within Windows installations. Servicing operations include, but are not limited to, Windows Update, service pack, and hotfix installations. The component store contains all the files that are required for a Windows installation Most of you may have noticed the WinSxS folder in Windows 10/8/7 and been surprised at its size. For those who have not, the folder is situated at C:\Windows\Winsxs and has a whopping size!Mine is.

A+ Exam Cram: http://amzn.to/26WWPLVA+ 220-902 Video Course: http://click.linksynergy.com/link?id=g//2PZbywdw&offerid=163217.2455035&type=2&murl=http%3A//www.. At current usage this winsxs folder uses ~19% of total space available on a formated 32GB SSD drive!! or ~ 7.5% of total space available on formated 80GB SSD drive! So here is my question: In Windows 7, how would someone go about safely cleaning up the large amount of used space found within the winsxs folder On Windows 10, WinSxS (Windows Side by Side) is an essential folder within the Windows folder, which contains most of the components to customize and update the current installation In this Windows & tutorial I show how you can free up a significant amount of space on your Windows 7 PC by making sure you have a certain Windows Update ins.. Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 automatically reduce the size of the WinSxS folder by using methods similar to the ones described in this topic, in addition to internal processes, such as uninstalling and deleting packages with components that have been replaced by other components with newer versions

Cleanup the WinSxS Folder in Windows 7/8/1

Further examination within the Windows directory will lead you to take a look at the WinSxS folder under C:\Windows, also known as the component store directory. As an example as I write this article this directory on my test VM is currently at 17.1 GB, which is a bit much How to cleanup the winsxs folder on Windows 7 (SP1)/ Windows 2008 / Windows 2008 R2 (SP1) The winsxs folder in c:\windows can be really big, the only way to cleanup is using the microsoft command line tools : Windows Server 2003 : VSP1CLEAN.exe Windows Server 2008 : COMPCLN.exe Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 : DISM.exe. I will explain the last. A WinSxS Windows 7 SP1 rendszeren való tisztításához először telepítenie kell a KB2852386 opcionális frissítést, amely hozzáadja a megfelelő elemet a lemeztisztító segédprogramhoz. Így tehetjük meg: Lépjen a Windows 7 frissítési központba - ez a vezérlőpulton keresztül történhet, vagy használja a keresést a start.

A Windows minden egyes biztonsági frissítést és egyéb javítást elment a WinSxS könyvtárába, így az idővel komolyan megnő, manuálisan viszont nem lehet belőle törölgetni. A mostani frissítésnek hála azonban az SP1-es Windows 7-tel szerelt gépeknél már kiüríthető a WinSxS mappa WinSxS, short for Windows Side By Side, is a folder located at C:\Windows\WinSxS in Windows 10/8/7. WinSxS folder stores different copies of DLL and system files, for instance, all installed Windows updates incl. those old versions of system components, files needed for Windows installation, backups and updates to those files The WinSxS folder (C:\Windows\WinSxS), is the location of the Component Store which used for Windows customization and updating. Advertisements For that reason, the WinSxS folder is an very important system folder and cannot be deleted, because it is used by Windows for several reasons

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  1. In this article we will talk about the WinSxS folder in Windows 10 and Windows 8.1, the reasons of its constant growth and ways to clean up it. The C:\Windows\WinSxS directory is the repository of Windows components. This directory contains DLLs, binary and XML files necessary for installation and operation of any Windows roles or features
  2. Legtöbbjük észrevette volna WinSxS mappa a Windows 7/8/10-ban, és meglepett a mérete. Azok számára, akik még nem, a mappában található C: Windows winsxs és óriási méretű! Az enyém csaknem 5 GB, és körülbelül 6000 mappát és 25000 fájlt tartalmaz, és közel 40% -át foglalja el a Windows mappában
  3. The size of the folder is not reported correctly however if you use Windows Explorer or third-party tools like WizTree to analyze its size. The reason for that is that it contains hardlinks which Explorer and third-party tools don't take into consideration when calculating the WinSXS folder's size (they count the hardlinked files even though they don't reside in the WinSXS folder)

WinSXS folder is the component store of Windows vista and later operating systems. Windows OS stores all its core components to WinSXS directory. The WinSXS folder is the only location that the core system components found on the system and all the system files you see in their usual locations, in the windows directory structure, are hard linked back to the WinSXS folder WinSxS folder exists in Windows Vista / 7 / 8 and 10 and in the previous versions, this folder was known as the Dllcache folder.WinSxS stands for windows side-by-side, and it is used to store critical component store information.This folder is located at C:\Windows\winsxs. The main purpose of this folder is to be used during installations, windows updates, upgrade/patches for the service packs. \Winsxs\Backup: Backups of the manifest files in case the copy in \Winsxs\Manifests becomes corrupted. At Windows 7 there are system files too, not only manifest. This files are not hardlinks on purpose, about 500 MB data. As for testing: Windows 7 x64 X17-59186.iso applied to a drive: imagex.exe /apply g:\sources\install.wim 2 f:\

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The WinSxS folder is the Component Store located in your C:\Windows directory where core Windows files reside including the bits needed to turn on and off any Windows features you enable from the Control Panel. Not only are these files critical to the operation of Windows 10 but when updates to Windows are installed, these files get updated Click ok to start cleanup. now you must reboot Windows 7. After the reboot you get a screen which shows you that cleanup happens: You can get more information here: Breaking News! Reduce the size of the WinSxS Directory and Free up Disk Space with a New Update for Windows 7 SP1 Client

Windows users who have run a disk space analyzer like TreeSize or WizTree in the last days may have stumbled for the first time upon the Winsxs folder in the Windows directory.. The folder usually has a size of about 5 to 8 Gigabytes on Windows Vista and Windows 7 or newer, there are however reports of bigger folders, up to 16 Gigabytes and more The WinSXS folder is how Component-Based Servicing — the part of Windows that keeps track of what parts of Windows are installed — organizes things. There are two types of files in WinSXS: The system files that are currently installed as part of Windows A Windows 7 és a Windows 8/10 alatt van egy új mappa a C alatt: WinSxS nevű Windows, amely alapvetően dll és komponens fájlokat tárol. Az összes dll és komponens fájl régebbi verzióit is tárolja, és meglehetősen nagy lehet

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  1. he WinSxS folder is located in the Windows folder, for example, c:\Windows\WinSxS. It's the location for Windows Component Store files. The Windows Component Store is used to support the functions needed for the customization and updating of Windows. Here are some examples of how the Windows Component Store files are used
  2. MS is working on Windows 10 to do a better job of upgrading from Windows 7 & Windows 8.1. I always use Macriun to image my disks before any update, so I will give the Windows 10 upgrade a try first and then if things don't seem right I can do a clean install of Windows 10 (if it is doable with the free upgrade)
  3. Total Commanderrel megnéztem, hogy melyik mappa foglal a legtöbbet és ebből a program files volt 10 giga és a windows mappa 15 giga :S . Nagyon furcsálltam így belenéztem a windows mappába is h ott mi foglal akkor helyet és végül is a 15 gigából 7,47 - et egy winsxs mappa foglal és a system32 mappa pedig 3,43 gigát
  4. den operációs rendszer fájlt tartalmaz. Amikor a Windows frissítéseket telepít, lecsökkenti az új Windows-összetevőt a WinSXS mappában, és megőrzi a régi összetevőt a WinSXS mappában. Ez azt jelenti, hogy

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